Novelty Wall Clocks Make Fun Gifts

By Blake Allen

When you think about novelty gifts, chances are that loud, tacky items, like singing fish, or crude jokes come to mind. However, that’s not all there is to the world of novelty gift giving. There are plenty of fun ideas out there that won’t annoy the recipient.

Novelty clocks are one place that you can show some humor, while still giving a gift that’s got some use. Styles are available on the market to suit any taste, but here are a few suggestions.

Clocks in Disguise

One major category of novelty clocks is the type that seems like an ordinary clock, until you take a closer look. Barbershop clocks (with backwards numbers), upside down clocks, and 24 hour clocks are a few of this type.

A little more obvious, but still unobtrusive are the “all 5’s” clock (it’s always time to go home), the “I don’t do mornings” clock (with some of the numbers missing), and the “I don’t care” clock (numbers jumbled at the bottom). One great thing about all novelty clocks is that no matter what’s on the clock face, they’ll still keep accurate time. That means that they’re useful as well as being amusing.

Character Clocks

Clocks shaped like your favorite cartoon character or like animals have been around for a long time. There’s the classic cat clock, Mickey Mouse, and plenty of others to choose from. However, if you’re looking for an unusual novelty gift for a friend, don’t rule these out just because you’ve seen them before.

There are now clocks available featuring characters that weren’t around a few years ago, such as Japanese anime-themed items. Take a look around to see what kind of novelty character clocks you can find. Just a few of the offerings include dog and cat clocks, roosters, mythological clocks, and may more.

Nostalgic Clocks

There are also novelty clocks geared towards a retro look and feel. You can now buy new versions of the old Coca Cola ad clocks, diner-type clocks, and models with turn of the century art on the faces. No matter what era you or your gift’s recipient are interested in, there’s probably a cute novelty clock to help evoke your nostalgia.

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